Mike Allen

Represented by his ashes

Mile AllenMike Allen introduced Vic, Dan and Jim to each other. He was the tie that bound the foursome together. His death left a void in their lives. As a fun-loving guy, and a fellow who traveled down roads that others wouldn’t take, Mike would make every gathering fun. Vic was the one who found him dead.

A victim of juvenile diabetes, Mike’s behavior was as unpredictable away from the golf course as on it. He had frequent car crashes. He made up lavish tales about himself that even people who didn’t know him couldn’t believe. He stayed married to the same woman for nearly 40 years. Yet, after becoming divorced, found his attraction to a woman, almost 35 years younger than he, led to a long-distance, one-way love affair.

Mike was a colleague of Jim’s at Leo Burnett. He left two children, one married with a son, both living in Los Angeles. His politics swung as wildly as his personality. He claimed to have befriended Rahm Emanuel while dog walking and to have campaigned for Barack Obama. Still, he admired Ron Paul and argued his politics vociferously. Mike died a 22-handicap, adding 10 strokes to his index in the last three years of his life.

Mike AllenMike AllenMike AllenMike Allen