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“We’d Like to Thank the Academy, Garrett Popcorn…”

(DEER VALLEY, UT – Saturday)  Tonight’s the night! The good folks at Garrett Popcorn, (sponsor, booster and official energy supplement for Our Longest Drive) are throwing a party at which the trailer and a short segment of Our Longest Drive … Continue reading

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Getting Our Feet Wet (But Not Our Whistles)

(PARK CITY, UT – Friday, 1:26 pm) The town of Park City brings our memories back to Skagway and Dawson City, with maybe a little bit of Wall Drug, ND thrown in. The streets have an old west style and … Continue reading

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Ready for Our Close-up

(Somewhere Over Utah – Thursday)  We’re headed to Sundance to mingle with the movie swells. I have no idea what to expect. I really don’t care about movie stars with the possible exception of Ellen Barkin. I get embarrassed by … Continue reading

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Waking Up

(EDMONTON, AB — Thursday, 4 am)     It’s ending. There’s no stopping reality that we’re about to get back into. In the last few seconds, like in a good dream, you try to hold on to bits and pieces

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The Three Hole Monster

(INUVIK, NT — Tuesday, 3 am) This town of Inuvik rolled out a tundra carpet for us and painted it red. The first order of business was to meet Mayor Denny Rodgers in Council Chambers. We presented a proclamation from … Continue reading

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Sittin’ on Top of the World

(EAGLE PLAINS, NT — Sunday, 8 am) But we’re not exactly rolling along and singing a song. It took nine hours of driving to get, roughly, 250 miles. The road beat on us just about from the beginning. There were … Continue reading

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