(“DA FORT,” IL) What have I REALLY gotten myself into!!!! Here it’s T-84 and I was thinkin’ all is cool, baby, but noooooo, my travelling companions are starting to mumble, “ hey, does this RV fit my BRAND; where are the silk sheets; ohhhh, will it be too tough on my back; what about road noise; I was hoping for a Range Rover; can’t we do this in an Audi S-4; yada, yada, yadaaaaa!  WTF!!!!!!!!

 Maybe an overdose of that HOPIUM drug left over from the last presidential election has clouded at least one of their perspectives as to what this trip is really about. I guess ol’ Woodsie is gonna have to splash a little cold water on these two cherubs of the North Shore – wake up and smell the coffee big guys, this ain’t no Ambercrombie & Kent luxury excursion!  I know “real travelers” can do this trip on motor cycles but we are a good 15 years past that. Put on your John Deere cap, get yourself a kidney-belt and experience some of the greatest scenery in the world as so many down-to-earth, red-blooded North American adventurers have done before us – WE’RE GOIN’ TRUCKIN”.

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  1. leslie johnson says:

    I love it!

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